About us


The passing down of jewelry from one generation to another has been a tradition of great importance. Considered a cultivation of culture, the one-of-a-kind pieces are revered as antiques, and a means to trace family roots back several years/ generations, and to identify with a certain name…

In comes Ultramarine, a brand that uses gemstones to create jewelry pieces and sets. Inspired by nature in its purest form and its radiant colours that have a tendency of affecting our feelings and emotions, our creative luxury items are uniquely handcrafted using various coloured gemstones to match numerous personalities. That search for a perfect gemstone to suit your lifestyle is now over; you can own who you are and dress the part by choosing from our collection.

You deserve the best; which is why we endeavor to seek out the best, top quality gemstones in the world and shape them through a high standard production process. We thus provide you with current, intricate ornamental designs that are themed and personalized to be subtle, fancy, decorative… luxury in each detail.

Our jewelry is valuable, practical and creative , making perfect gifts for him or her during special events/ occasions, anniversaries, or simply as tokens of appreciation. It is also great for moms, wives, kids as well as men who want to pair off the jewelry with their attire: classy earrings, beautiful necklaces, elegant bracelets, gorgeous rings… all which can be passed down through families!

Own Ultramarine jewelry today and join in the creative bliss, a way to be yourself and imagine.


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