How to Clean Gold Jewelry With Gemstones

Jewelry is valuable both by monetary standards and memory standards. As such, you want to make sure that each piece in your jewelry box is sparking, just like the first time you put it on. Chances are, you wear at least one piece of jewelry daily. Over time, you will see a buildup of oils that can result in a dull appearance.

However, you might worry about the stone you have set in your ring, earrings, or necklace as that is often cleaned different and held on my several clasps. Your worries are founded. Though many gems have no issues being washed, some can not be rinsed by anything more than warm water or soap and water. 

Determine the Stone

Before washing any jewelry, you need to determine the type of stone you are going to be working with. Though diamond jewelry is safe, certain stones have different reactions to sal as well as jewelry cleaner and other household products. 

First, let’s talk about the stones that require very special care to be cleaned. These should only ever be taken to a jeweler to ensure that proper procedures are being followed; amber, foil-backed glass stones, opals, coral, malachite, pearls, drusy, mother of pearl, petrified wood, dinosaur Beads, peridot, emeralds, and turquoise.

Next, these should never touch saltwater, whether for cleaning or for vacationing. Remember, if in doubt, take it to a jeweler, and they can clean it for you so that you don’t have to worry about the cleaning solution damaging the stone. No saltwater should ever touch pyrite, black tourmaline, selenite, hematite, lapis lazuli, calcite, howlite, and kyanite. Adding salt to these colored gemstones can result in a dull or even broken-down stone. 

Once you have determined the stone and the care instructions, you can move onto cleaning the stones.

Prepare a Space

It’s best to start with a bowl on a flat and safe surface. Though cleaning in the sink is an option, you don’t want to lose anything if hot water from the faucet makes you drop the stone on accident. To the bowl, add a tablespoon of dish soap and then fill it with warm water. Let the dish soap completely dissolve in the water before starting.

Add Your Jewelry

To this mixture, add a piece or two of the jewelry that you want to be cleaned. Leave this to sit for fifteen minutes so that the soap can work to break down the oils on the gold and gemstones. Though there are other options for jewelry cleaning that involve baking soda, soap will be the gentlest at breaking down the oil buildup on your jewelry. However, be sure not to soak for more than fifteen minutes.

Brush and Rinse

With a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently scrub and brush away all dirt and residue from the jewelry. Make sure to focus on the area in between the stone and setting as these will gain more buildup than most. Use a strainer to rinse the jewelry clean with warm water. Make sure to let the water run-over the jewelry at all angles so that there is no soap left to dull the ring as it dries.

Dry and Buff

Dry with a soft cloth to ensure that you don’t have any water spots. In the end, add a polishing cloth so that your jewelry can have added luster as when you first took it home. Never air dry, or you will be left with a dull and spotty stone. 

By doing this process each week or month, you will be able to maintain clean jewelry at home. Make sure to check the water and strainer to make sure that no stones fell out before dumping the liquid down the drain. If you are looking for custom engraved gemstone jewelry, then look no further than Ultramarine!

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